Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mandarin Princess swinging over dc

Swinging Empress: Of all the photos I have posted over the years the one that generates the most email is a photo of a painting. The title of the painting is Above Washington, D.C. It currently hangs in the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington D.C. The only background I have found on it is from the hotel website:

"A large signature painting, 'Above Washington, D.C.', commissioned by Chinese/Canadian artist Zhong-Yang Huang, depicts the last empress of China, Empress Dowager, on a swing over D.C., blending Eastern and Western cultures. She lived in the 'Forbidden City' and had a fascination with the West. The artist has created a painting that is historical and metaphorical."

There are other works by the same artist at a gallery in Saskatchewan, Canada. I’ve also found other background on the artist.

Note to self: next time in DC get a better, higher res photo. It really is quite a stunning painting.

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