Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Olafur Eliasson again.

Looking into the future, Eliasson sees opportunities for a new kind of practice, that actually looks just like his one: a combination of art and architecture that could attain a ‘new responsive criticality’, working from an engagement with reality. Not socialist, not left wing or right wing, but to provide people with the sense that their lives matters, and that they are part of a community. Social and environmental sustainability. And laughing: ‘Art shows the way’. To finish: ‘I have a dream that content wins over form. I don’t want to kill form completely, because that is what my work is about, but almost.’

After the lecture when were toasting beers I ask Olafur Eliasson if there are (still) critical architects. His answer is surprising and almost metaphorical: architects run through life, are always in a hurry, have time for almost nothing, and are obsessed with power. Quality of life, time for a conversation, don’t exist – exceptions discarded. With Rem Koolhaas he summarizes ‘the architect’: ‘If you don’t say something interesting, in five seconds his attention is gone.’

In theory a building is the largest art installation that is possible Eliasson seems to think. Architecture is however not art, but a consumer product. Promising though is the fact that more and more architects seem to find inspiration of their designs in art. Take for instance a look at the work of Herzog & de Meuron, and on Dutch soil at the work of Claus & Kaan.

Today published on Archined (Dutch/English).

The Weather Project

Although there was no heat at all coming from the 'Sun', visitors were drawn to the light and 'sunbathed' on the smooth floor.

With ceiling mirrors reflecting their every move, people often grouped together to make strange shapes or spell out words (sometimes rather naughty!).


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