Sunday, July 6, 2008

PG Named Co-Director of the Paralelo Festival in Madrid, Spain & Monterrey, Mexico

The impact that a Festival like Paralelo has on the community is primarily due to the possibility offered to all citizens to be active in this cultural melting pot. This is an event of the highest artistic level and it involves everyone. Paralelo brings artists and music closer to the public, with the ultimate purpose of musical creation in a much less rigid structure.

Parelelo takes advantage of public and private spaces, to use them as auditoriums that revitalize the city and free the music from clichés. Paralelo is directly involved with and participates in the cultural and artistic development of the neighborhoods that are chosen, regardless of their economic status. Paralelo brings the artists and the public closer together. Paralelo is a cultural meeting point where artists of all nationalities find the right setting for artistic creation.

Paralelo presents concert cycles that take place in un-conventional venues, with the main objective of stimulating and welcoming all citizens to enjoy the music of our time. Paralelo offers the public an unusually broad repertoire and premieres a significant number of new works. Paralelo constantly searches for a public that is stimulated by an attractive, dynamic and innovative offering.

Paralelo not only presents different musical trends, but it also fosters interaction with other artistic disciplines which encourages creation.

The Sociedad Artística Daniel is in charge of Paralelo's programming. The Sociedad, founded in New York City almost one hundred years ago, has been responsible for the promotion of classical music in North and South America as well as in Europe. NYC composer Patrick Grant, founder of sTRANGEmUSIC, and Indonesian musician Ananda Sukarlan, pianist responsible for the premier of more than 100 works, are co-directors of Paralelo.

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