Friday, September 25, 2009

Russian Pyramid Research By Alexander Golod From Moscow

Rumors of the 12-story pyramid’s mysterious, miraculous powers have spread through the suburbs and into the capital. The pyramid is made of 55 tons of fiberglass. (Photos by Sergei L. Loiko for the Los Angeles Times)

KOZENKI, Russia – You can see it from miles away, looming over the birch forests and wildflower fields and construction sites crammed with future dachas for Russia’s rich and ruthless.

Stabbing toward heaven from its hilltop perch, the pyramid gleams white under the blast of northern sun. Twelve stories high and made of 55 tons of fiberglass, the pyramid swarms with Russians desperate to rearrange their energy fields and cure their karma.

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BRIEF HISTORY - In the last 10 years, Alexander Golod has
built 17 pyramids in 8 different locations in Russia. Experiments carried out in them during this time include research in medicine, agriculture, radioactivity, superconductivity , chemical, electrical, , and other areas. For a detailed description of the research see Research Article section. Found Here:

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