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Annunaki Hieroglyphics - New Jersey Coast

Canal Complexes in America .................. This site is a review of some empirical evidence that will forever change the history of pre-diluvial America, shifting our paradigm from what we think we know about America to a whole new standard of 'Truth' about pre-historic civilizations on the North American continent.

Ancient Cities on our Coasts .... ...... .... .There are hundreds of miles of coastline, from Maine to Florida, continuing across the Gulf States including Texas and parts of Mexico, that are covered with vestiges and remnants of a very sophisticated, enormously large water borne culture or civilization that existed BEFORE current sea level rose an average of 12 to 25 feet, or more.

Sophisticated Geo Engineers: Add Image The evidence you are about to see, shows nearly every swampy piece of marsh land on most of the Eastern US Coast and Gulf of Mexico, to have been 'worked' and 'inhabited' by a very large, very sophisticated population of canal builders during some remote pre-flood period.

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I was perusing the site Ancient Canal Builders Dot Com and came across these incredible hieroglyphics on Marshelder Island, New Jersey. The site is focusing on ancient coastal canals and it is clear that drainage canals and canals for other purposes were cut into almost the entire east coast of the United States. Now you do not need ETs or Atlanteans to explain them. Clearly, without any documents detailing this work, it predates 'history' and therefore could have been done by anyone, almost. I say almost because one section of the canals are not canals but lines defining various messages.

Now I do know about you, but if you have ever been in a salt marsh, the idea of creating a canal is a monumental task. The water table comes right up to the base of the marsh plants, and is a spongy, soft, wet mess to try to cut into. Even if you remove some of the mats of vegetation and the mud, just to put it into a wheelbarrow makes the wheelbarrow too heavy to move, as the wheels sink into the muck, that is, if you could even get a wheelbarrow into the area to begin with. In Louisiana, at the mouth of the Mississippi, huge canals, thousands of miles of them, were cut by floating barges starting in open water and cutting and dredging their way into areas where drilling for oil would occur. So the task in Mississippi required massive machinery and the canals all connect to deep water where the machinery came from.

So you see from the attached photos that we could have a similar explanation for these ancient canals. Whether that is actually the explanation for these ancient canals is another matter.

But all of a sudden if you zoom in on Google Earth, you see hieroglyphs set into lines with Sumerian measurements. Not to say the Sumerians made the lines, but what is that between the lines? It is hieroglyphs of a type not known previously. As far as I know, there is no interpretation of what these say, nor is there any expert who was ever aware of, studied, or made conclusions about them. Perhaps the messages are in Sumerian. Perhaps they predate the Sumerians, as Sumeria or Sumer is dated to 5,000 years ago. But Sumerian tablets describe the Annunaki, Niburu and mining for gold and creating us as slaves, going back a million years. You would know this if you have read any of the recently deceased Zecharia Sitchin books about what those tablets say, including "The Twelfth Planet" and seven more volumes after that, available in paperback. How old are these messages, and can we preserve them for study? Very old and no.

Even without pole shift, these areas are about to be submerged from rising ocean levels. Count in pole shift where all of New Jersey is about to go under water permanently, and you can see there is no likelihood of this becoming the national park it really should be. Just as Nazca has been featured in the history channel series "Ancient Aliens" and is the best known proof of ET presence on Earth as popularized by Von Daniken, so too could these hieroglyphs and symbols be proof.

So what is 'proof'? We have to remember that on the ground these are nothing but a series of open water wet spots in a marsh, and appear to have no meaning. But from the air they make a pattern of an unmistakable message. Surely salt marshes are alive and growing, and the width of these lines narrows as plants expand; but even with what is left, this is a spectacular site. Also, rising sea levels may have overtaken and obscured many sections of the 'message' but THIS IS NOT NATURAL.

Anyone can theorize that these things are many different things. But being visible only from the air means that flight was necessary to appreciate them. And who had the means of appreciating them from the air?

So take a look and if you have any ideas how to translate them, let me know. If you have been watching the tv show 'Jersey Shore' you know about the area just east of the hieroglyphs. If you live near there and have hip waders, you might walk to the end of Taylor Lane and try to cross the channel at low tide to look at the symbols up close. But be careful, that marsh is all muck and you do not want to get stuck or lost. From the ground there is very little to indicate where you are or where you might be able to go. Based on my experiences with salt marshes, the only time to go is low tide and you could consider it a tip for your safety to keep out of there! Things change when the tide comes in and all of a sudden you cannot see where to put your feet.

A marsh like that can be quicksand. This only makes it more likely an ancient civilization with very high technology made them. Far enough back in time this may have been a dry field, flat and a perfect canvas for messages. But then, where did all the dirt they scooped out go? As you can see, there are no berms or spoil piles of what was removed to make them. This is our national Nazca, and all we will have are photographs from space. Too bad.

As I have said before, Nancy Lieder telepathically answers some written questions by submitting them to the human ET Zetas who give her an answer. Here I had a question about the hieroglyphs at Marshelder Island so I asked her and got the following answer. It makes sense and is very logical, and until you prove differently, I am saying that IS the answer.

On a related topic, if I can ask questions so can you. First of all you have to go to and join. Then you should be asking only new questions not asked before. To learn what has been asked, go to and start reading. Personal questions are not allowed. Questions relating to pole shift are the main focus, with contacting ETs being of equal importance to the issue of spiritual orientation and coming dimensional change. If you want to see an index of previous weekly 'chat' questions and answers go to

As I have said before, you cannot make this stuff up. It is the single most incredibly detailed, accurate and really, astonishing body of work since all 14,000 soul readings by Edgar Cayce were put on the internet at the A.R.E. website in Virginia, including his predictions of pole shift.


Found Here:

ET Annunaki Hieroglyphics Discovered On Coast Of New Jersey: Spectacular Images Cut Into A Salt Marsh To Be Only Seen And Recognized From The Air: Photos


As with the Nazca, Peru hieroglyphs, these designs in New Jersey were meant to be seen from the sky. The hieroglyphs in Peru are high desert and thus survived, while New Jersey has steadily lost elevation during past pole shifts. If the waters of the world were to recede, there would be many MORE such sites with hieroglyphs emerging.


"The "Spider" at the Nazca Lines, Peru.

Their purpose was to guide the rocket ships that shuttled between Earth and the Annunaki home planet, Nibiru. The Annunaki would unload the gold that had been collected on Earth, refresh or replace the mining crews on Earth and load them up with supplies, and then wait on their home planet for the passage.


All this had to be done AHEAD of the passage, as the outbound Nibiru (aka Planet X) takes off quickly after the actual passage, and the last weeks create too much turmoil for a shuttle to be in transit.

Then the pole shift, and Earth’s geography would be altered, and then the LONG period before they would return again to collect more gold. There was no TIME to draw new maps. The various places on Earth, with their various hieroglyphs, would aid the returning shuttles next time around to understand what PART of the globe they were flying over.


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TravelerDiogenes said...

I found your page here while looking for something entirely different.

I see that this is posted back near the end of 2010. I will let you know that there has been considerable update to this ancient canal builders thinking.

I was the number two man involved in this, along with John Jensen. I thought John had found something quite remarkable and was convinced for a while that there were no modern explanations for these canals and truly mysterious features along our shores, from Texas to Maine, no less.

But one day while really researching as hard as I could for John, I thought that it would be interesting to call to a phone number connected with a photo of a location along the Chesapeake side of the Delmarva Peninsula. I got hold of a helpful woman in some Maryland governmental office. She told me that the features I was talking about were almost certainly "mosquito ditches." She also said that New Jersey was the leader in mosquito ditches, dating back to about 1913, if I recall.

When I looked into "mosquito ditches" (Google it yourself), I found out that, yes, indeed, the states of New Jersey, New York, Maryland, had been very active in digging mosquito ditches along the coasts. You see, beach combing and such things wee as big back then as now, and mosquitoes were playing heck with the tourist trade. Tourism being a good way to bring money into the coffers, mosquito ditches were a good way of dealing with the biggest anti-tourist agencies of all: mosquito bites.

So, that took a lot of John's canals out of the mix. Then I saw that there were canals even inland in Louisiana, and some of them went right up to and all around the home of my favorite hot sauce, Tabasco. Avery Island, the home of McIllhenny, has a web site which also happens to have an archivist listed. I emailed him, and he told me that the canals were for oil exploration back in the 1940s and 1950s mostly. They could not drill ay angles back then, so they had to keep moving their oil drilling rigs around. They put them on barges, and - so that they could cover as much ground as efficiently as possibly - they dug canals to assure that the barges had enough depth and space to be moved all around. There even was an Oscar-winning short film about it, made in about 1950.

So, there went the bulk of the Gulf coast canals. Modern, also.


TravelerDiogenes said...


That left those really weird squiggles between the mosquito ditches on the Atlantic coast. What could those possibly be? I learned two things in finding out what those were about. The first things is this: Google Earth satellite images can mislead the viewer a LOT. The second was to learn all I ever wanted to know about animals around the coastal marshes. A good search through them eliminated all but a few possibles, and then looking closer at them I found out that muskrats make dens in marshes and they dig their own mini-canals leading to and from their dens. You see, muskrats swim much more efficiently than they waddle - and they know it. So, for them it is better to take the time to dig little mini-beaver-type channels to help in bringing building materials to their dens. Muskrats didn't break out into the mosquito ditches very often because that would invite water creatures in, so they left a bit of 'solid' marsh ground between their little waterways and the ditches. Another of the ancient canals busted.

So, with three mostly separate real world explanations, the ancient canals hypothesis pretty much fell apart. I was loathe to disappoint John with the bad news, but I had no choice. It was a good exercise in checking anomalous features. It was also a hard lesson in having our eyes deceive us because of the limitations of Google Earth.

At the same time, John had only been on a couple of radio talk shows about this, and I an glad it didn't go any farther. It would have been terrible to have someone on the outside bust us on this, for not having checked any of it out well enough. It was better for us to find the bad news out ourselves.

I REALLY thought that the aqua-culture I was 'seeing' was a terrific way to feed a civilization - ancient or modern. I thought the flow-through of the small canals was a wonderful way of bringing nutrients from rivers into the breeding grounds for fish and shellfish - and for crops on the small areas between the mini-canals. No fertilization would ever be necessary. It would even provide mini-barges/boats access for transporting the harvest to market, at minimal energy expenditure.

And, irony of ironies, one new academic paper suggests that the reason human brains started growing so big was because they settled down on coasts and started eating fish and shellfish and other very nutritious coastal foods.

So, if I am ever tasked with feeding a civilization well and efficiently, I will keep those coastal aqua-cultures in mind - even if they never existed before. They are a great idea!

Steve Garcia
Formerly of

TravelerDiogenes said...

P.S. On the muskrat dens, once I knew the 'canals' were mosquito ditches dug in the 20th century, and since the squiggles almost never broke out into the ditches, the squiggles HAD to be more modern than the mosquito ditches. Even if I had not found out about muskrats online, a visit would have cleared that up in a heartbeat. Probably half a million people or more would know about the muskrats and even more about the mosquito ditches. Sooner or later one of them would have pointed out what they were. I live a LONG way from the coast, and had not yet gotten to the point of a visit.

One more thing:

When they dug the mosquito ditches, they had left the lower end (toward the ocean) open, to allow the water to flow through. By 30-40 years later they had realized that they had changed the ecosystem; the old animals and plants were almost gone and were replaced by other ones. By then there were newer ways of dealing with the mosquitoes, so they closed up the lower ends to allow the marshes to return to their original sates as much as possible. The ditches' lower ends being closed off threw me off. There was not ONE action by humans to account for their present state, but two.

That is also a lesson: Don't assume only a one-step process produced what one is seeing!

Steve Garcia

Tuscoro said...

When I first came across this strange phenomena, I was extremely intrigued, how ever my never quite attitude brought up some interesting facts, there is no doubt that some of the many long rectangle canal systems you see on the east coast are no doubt the equivalency of what is known as Chinampa, most known in Mexico, the short of it is "Floating Gardens" and I would have no doubt that many of them are of ancient origins....

However as for the so called Hieroglyphs found within some of them, and I must say I was disappointed as I really wanted to believe... But if you will take the time to go to the many sites on Google Earth where this occurs on the east coast, and click on the historical photo option located on the top tool bar and go back in time, you will find many of these so called Hieroglyphs did not exist 20 years or so ago, and so I would tend to believe in the comments left by TravelerDiogenes

I hope this clears up a bit of your curiosities...