Wednesday, September 10, 2008

James Gulliver Hancock

James is an international artist that crosses as many mediums as he does borders. Living out his middle namesake 'Gulliver' James is constantly on the move, having been involved in artist projects and residencies in Indonesia, Austria, France, the U.K. and America. He is currently located in Los Angeles and works on projects in Europe, America and Australia.

Trained in Visual Communications in Sydney, Australia james quickly took hold of the local art scene, establishing his own artist network through the gallery SPACE3. Welcoming local artists and musicians into a collaborative space based in a romantic crumbling old bank in the heart of the city. This network quickly blossomed to hold hundreds of events, produce a hardcover 100 page catalogue, and provide the jumping point for many local artists and musicians to scatter across the globe.

His work is as varied as his travels, encompassing editorial illustration for magazines, commissions for music group artwork and animations, working with intellectually disabled children on logo designs, to gigantic set illustrations for performances, and animations for TV, not to mention his continual personal art practice.

His work is conceptually driven and is concerned with confusions of perception and embraces personal subjectivity. Born to psychologist parents he draws from an analysis of hyperchondria, obsession, and hyper-awareness. Throughout this investigation his work maintains a consistent charm, whimsy and poetic graphic sensibility.

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