Sunday, September 21, 2008


...All of this is really incredible for following the pure ENERGY(99) infusion, or as I usually refer to it: THE MIRACLE(88) of 'The Spiritual ENERGY COMMUNICATION', these geometric Symbols came flowing forth from ME(23) and I had not even heard of Sacred Geometry prior to this; I learned about some of its details a considerable time later. When this advanced Symbolic Language was revealed to ME(23) and took the form of all of these intricate Sacred Geometry Designs, all incredibly interwoven within Powerful Positive States of Being and indelibly associated to Specific Spiritual Numbers, and with such a depth of LIFE WISDOM(77), it was almost too much for ME(23) to handle. The intense ENERGY(99) level at which I was operating during this time of manifesting THEE TRINITY CREATION® in written form was Truly exceptional. I would sometimes, in a Transcendent State of Being, walk for hours when suddenly that was it: the immutable Sacred Number, the Perfect Number match for its respective State of Being and Sacred Geometry Symbol. It would instantly be indelibly impressed upon ME(23) and I Knew without question this was The Number, not anything else that speaks of Spiritual or Sacred Number association or meaning, even if it be in the Known realm of Sacred Geometry Wisdom and Spiritual Numbers is of such matched PERFECTION(54). THIS IS IT! These are the Numbers. The World now Knows and eventually just as this Site itself has Grown to be the Number One Ranked Spiritual Web Site® in the World the New Age and Spiritual World will begin to associate the Numbers and Sacred Geometric Symbols to the Positive States of Being as Revealed within THEE TRINITY CREATION®: The Book©. YES! TRUTH(33) is 33.

YES! WISDOM(77) is 77.

YES! FREEDOM(7) is 7.


and YES! ENERGY(99) is without a doubt of Number 99

These are the Sacred Numbers, these are the Spiritual Symbols, this is the ABSOLUTE(44) Sacred Geometry of LIFE(15) born from the Miraculous Spiritual ENERGY(99) COMMUNICATION(48) of 1988. I had it! I have it: the Precise bonding of Sacred Geometric Symbol, Positive State of Being and Sacred Number, YES! Thee Trinity Creation: The Book
© is the authentic written manifestation of the impeccable Spiritual ENERGY COMMUNICATION(48) and without doubt the finest system of Sacred Geometry Wisdom of Spiritual Symbols and Numbers in the World. This entire Web Site© and all of its contents is built upon the foundation of The Book©, its Power fills it, THE POWER(96) to direct the ENERGY(99) of LIFE(15) in Immaculate Creative ways. YES! this is THE POWER(96) that moves ME(23) and YES! this is THE POWER(96) that will Fulfill the DESTINY of DAWN 1999, which is indeed a Higher Order Designed DESTINY. You can experience for yourself the Power to Create a LIFE(15) that is in Design your making. All lies within.


cosmocto said...

thank you for sharing!!!!!

Tim Razo said...

no problem cosmocto! sacred geometry is an extremely interesting subject.