Sunday, September 7, 2008

The man with the iron masks

Graffiti artist Neck Face opens his first-ever New York solo show tonight, and his timing (as in Halloween) couldn't be more appropriate. After all, he has already tagged his bloodthirsty goth creatures—beloved by collectors like Beck—from New York to Tokyo, and the exhibit includes eerie metal masks (above), a toddler-sized pair of witch's hands, and sculpted neon-yellow devils. And then there's the show's title and theme: Closed Casket, which is loosely based around the idea of Satan. "I'm inspired by the dark, the blackness of the night, the things you ain't supposed to laugh at, the evil in the world today," he says. (Cue Vincent Price chuckle here.) But consider yourself warned: If you plan on going to tonight's opening, costume is required.

Also, Londonist claims to have "unmasked" Banksy, but we're not convinced that blurry, tilted-angle shots taken from a distance really count.
Closed Casket, Oct. 31-Nov. 24, Dactyl Foundation, 64 Grand St., (212) 696-7800, RSVP for the opening to

Photo: Neck Face/Courtesy of Dactyl Foundation
11:26 AM, October 31, 2007
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The face only a mother could love!

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