Monday, September 8, 2008

Leslie Grimes (affectionately known as Grimey)

Two Competitors in the Tourist Trophy Race Fight It out Amid the Hills of the Isle of Man

Leslie Grimes was born in 1898. Went to Kingston Art School and later studied in Paris. He joined the army in 1915 though under age and was a 'runner' on the Somme Campaign. He then transferred to the RFC. In the 20's he was a graphic Artist.. Clients included Douglas Motorbikes, MG Cars and the LCC. He also covered Brooklands and the racing circuit doing illustrations for Motorcycle Magazine. He also raced as a sidecar passenger. He married Nancy MacDonnel Ewen and had 6 sons and a daughter. In 1927 he succeeded David Low as political cartoonist for the 'Star' and in 1938 began his series of 'All My Own Work' which ran until his retirement in 1952. His paintings were exhibited at the RA. In the early '50's he went to a then almost unheard of island called Ibiza and with a wonderful studio high up in the Old Town he spent his time painting. He died in London in 1983

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