Monday, December 8, 2008

Charles Gilchrist: Sacred Geometry

This Gilchrist Mandala combines geometric and representational symbolism. This is a classical Mandala in the sense that it emphasizes the four directions and the squared circle. The major geometric element is a Solar Cross with four rays at each of the cardinal directions. This form is an ancient icon appearing all over the world. The Solar Cross is a tremendously powerful meditational archetype.

In this Mandala we look through the Solar Cross. The outer corners the Mandala make abstracted reference to the four elements, Earth and Fire below, Water and Air above. These abstracted outer sections blend into a stylized landscape inspired by the Reo Grand gorge located in northern New Mexico.

This Mandala was created in 1992, requiring hundreds of hours of open-eyed meditation.

Through his own studies, spanning three decades, Gilchrist discovered the classical concepts of open-eyed meditation and began to create Mandalas as a path to self-discovery. This led him to create hundreds of fine art Mandalas over the past 25 years.

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