Friday, August 29, 2008

Lorenzo Geiger

Hello world! This is the website of the Swiss typographicdesigner Lorenzo Geiger. Have a look at my werkschau which consists in web design and printed matter with a range from corporate identities, record covers, editorial design and knowledge visualization as well as the design of typefaces.

Don’t hesitate to contact me in case of any questions and feel free to sign-up for news. I'm pleased to meet you!

Don't ask people for their number if you know you wont call them anyway. Don't be afraid of the dark. Don't be afraid of dancing spontaneously in environments that are not normally used for dancing. Don't be afraid to dance in clubs where no-one else is dancing. Don't be afraid at all. Don't be ashamed of being proud of your country of origin. Don't be intimidated by bright colors. Don't be politically correct. Don't be sarcastic. Don't be scared of change. Don't be so van about bicycle helmets. Don't bite your nails. Don't buy enormous rounds of drinks for people you don't know at all. Don't buy music through the iTunes music store unless you are sure you will not ever have the urge to play it at party. Don't stop buying CDs. Don't buy new clothes that are exactly the same as the clothes you bought six months ago. Don't buy things on credit except in emergencies. Don't cry for me Argentina. Don't dodge pay the fare. Don't drink as much as last year. Don't drink beer at home. Don't drive an ugly car. Don't drive drunk. Don't talk on the phone when driving. Don't smoke in the car whilst talking on the phone whilst driving. Don't forget that fiction is not real. Don't forget to do what you told everyone you were going to. Don't forget to floss and rinse with a fluoride based mouthwash at least twice a day. Don't generalize. Don't get angry with cyclists. Don't get into fights. Don't get upset that everyone is into apple now and there aren't that many windows users left to argue with. Don't go out with wet hair. Don't ignore important global issues. Don't just take digital photos. Don't lie out in the sun until you get burnt. Don't listen to a word anyone says about your look. Don't listen to In- and Out rankings. Don't do In- and Out rankings. Don't make excuses. Don't miss. Don't over think things. Don't overdo the color coordination thing. Don't let your electronic equipment on standby. Don't pee in public. Don't really like music. Don't ride a bike at night without lights. Don't run over pedestrians. Don't be rude to people on the phone. Don't be rude at all. Don't run with scissors. Don't save. Don't say oh my god. Don't say yes if you mean no. Don't say no if you mean yes. Don't say yes that easy. Don't waste time. Don't forget eating breakfast before you boot your computer. Don't be late. Don't forget to breathe. Don't get addicted to TV series. Don't eat that much pasta. Don't stay up late during the week. Don't smoke as much as last year. Don't smoke the whole cigarette. Don't sneeze in public in Japan. Don't spill other people's drinks. Don't spit on cars. Don't stop exercising once January has passed. Don't stop exploring. Don't stop reading books. Don't stop swimming in the sea through an irrational fear of sharks. Don't tell your partner that dolphins are sharks. Don't mistake dolphins as sharks. Don't waste water. Don't swear in front of children. Don't swear at all. Don't take up expensive hobbies. Don't think about money a lot. Don't talk about dieting at the dinner table. Don't stop till you get enough. Don't think that people do it on their own. Don't say yes that easy. Don't watch too mach TV. Don't wear clothes just once. Don't wear suits with white sneakers unless they are Converse. Don't write songs about your mother. Don't go. Don't go to Lisbon. Don't smoke on the dance floor. Don't underestimate the power of Web 2.0. Don't underestimate at all. Don't pick up the phone in bed. Don't check your mail excessively. Don't drink cheap wine. Don't even buy cheap wine. Don't underestimate the power of love. Don't send newsletters to people who haven't really asked for. Don't believe the hype!

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