Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mc Bess

Hoy hoy , this the messy part of my website , where I can put unfinished work and pictures of me naked !

WOW !! A new space on my website !
Here is where I'm going to put photos and tell the stories about the events that are happening
since I'm huge star in the illustration world .

may 2008Exhibition in Kassel ( Germany ) with the best people in the world : " ROTOPOLMany many many thanks to Simon Florian and Guillaume that helped me for that exhibition , they're not only great artists they're are great friends as well ( they are part of the " Salle Polyvalente " collectif ). And a serious thanks to the good people of rotopol , michael lisa and rita , who gave us great hospitality , great food , great drinks , and who are fucking amazing when they use their pencils . Don't try to find me in the photos , I way too sexy for the camera .

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