Thursday, August 28, 2008

Patricia van Lubeck

My work is predominantly oil on canvas, I also do illustrations and create sculptures. While my paintings have realist aspects, the improbable forms I depict offset this. I call my landscapes with unusual plant species ‘psychedelic gardens’. My works have a smooth texture and are rich in detail, within a broad, unlimited colour range. It is the meticulous detail in my work that have the power to draw the viewer in. I have not received a formal training and have exhibited throughout The Netherlands, Switzerland and in New Zealand.

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I am Patricia van Lubeck, born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and presently living in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. This site shows a selection of my most recent art works. If you would like to purchase one of my works or want to be informed when new ones are added, feel free to email me or use the contact form.

I consider my work an invitation to explore the ways we experience our environment. My paintings have realistic elements, but above all an alienating atmosphere. My works in recent years show brightly colored landscapes and weird plant species which I call my ‘psychedelic gardens’.

My inspiration comes from the ordinary things around me, the artist in me just sees things in an unusual perspective. Picture a baker looking at a corn field. He sees bread, cookies and pies. I see shapes, patterns and colors. I like to zoom in on an everyday object such as the pins of a hair brush and imagine a tiny landscape with rows of hairy trees.

I’m a self-taught artist and seek to achieve a high level of craftsmanship. It takes me eight hours just to prepare the surface on my smaller canvases. The oil painting itself can take up to 10 layers to achieve rich colors and a smooth finish.

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