Thursday, October 30, 2008

Barnaby Ward pixel art

barnaby ward

Following on from Dan McPharlin here’s two samples from another contemporary Illustrator Barnaby Ward, Dick Hogg’s put me on to these examples so I’ll add his notes here:

“This is one of those illustrators who pops up on ffffound every now and then. Not strictly a science fiction illustrator all of the time but the stuff that I like are the ones that have strange robot-like things going on in them. And, erm, girls. Always girls. This bloke has got a one track mind! I love the girls in his drawing. as someone who constantly draws quasi-porn in my sketchbook it makes me sick to find someone who is better at it than me. Ah well, good luck to him. Apparently he lives on an island. Perhaps he is somewhere with a low female population like Alaska!”

See more of Barnaby Ward here:

and Dick’s work here:

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